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About Bulldog Pottery

Our work is an eclectic mix of form, imagery, texture, and pattern. We share a love of nature, pottery, good design, and an intense interest in glazes. Our ideas have evolved from working with ceramic material and observing the interplay between glaze, clay and fire. Our imagery is evocative of memories and interests that have resonated in our lives. We brainstorm by testing clays, glazes, surface treatments, and playing off of each other’s intuition about the materials and processes. Together we develop and share our personal “treasure trove” of clay and glaze effects.

Our collaboration is focused on developing new glazes and working out technologies to facilitate ideas. We feel that our joint research has been crucial to the development of our work, and we have achieved far more together, as individuals, than we could have separately.

We both were exposed to ceramics as undergraduates, Bruce at Oklahoma State University and Samantha at Virginia Tech. Bruce transferred to the ceramics program at the University of Georgia, Athens and completed his BFA in 1980. Samantha transferred to the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and completed her BFA in 1995. While Bruce was working as a professional studio potter he was invited to teach at Alfred as a sabbatical replacement. He later applied to their graduate program, and in 1997 received his Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Alfred University.


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