This year’s show was juried by Claude Elliott, Arts Consultant and Independent Curator. Artists from the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia were invited to submit original hanging work, in any medium, to be considered. Response from the call was significant, with 157 artists submitting over 700 pieces. Elliott selected 118 pieces for the show, all from different artists.

About the juror: 

Claude Elliott, arts consultant and independent curator, began his career as Assistant Curator at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Prints, Drawings and Photographs.  He interned at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Library of Congress, and the National Gallery of Art. He served six years as Deputy Director of Step Afrika! Prior to moving to Washington, DC he was a Program Officer with the Rhode Island Foundation where he managed a fund for the creation of new works and fellowships for visual artists, writers, and music composers.  He is a recipient of a DCCAH Arts and Humanities Fellowship, a Curatorial Grant, Humanities DC Vision Grant and DC Oral History Collaborative Grant.  His curatorial interests are creative ideas that are purposeful, mastery of technique, and the intersection of art, history and culture as a bridge for individual reflection and community dialogue. Elliott has a Master of Arts in Art History from the University of Mississippi, Master of Human Services Management, Brandeis University and Master of Social Work, Clark Atlanta University.  He has served on review panels for Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, NEA Challenge America, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and Rhode Island Council for the Arts.

On Monday, February 7th, Elliott spent several hours making the tough decision on who would be awarded the First, Second, and Third Prizes, along with several Honorable Mentions. Here are his selections:

FIRST PRIZENipun Manda “Untitled”
SECOND PRIZECheryl Foster “Golden Crows”
THIRD PRIZEJay Durrah “Hattie”
HONORABLE MENTIONS (in alphabetical order by last name):
CinCin Fang “Huangshan (After Liu Haisu)”
Jill Finsen “Approximately 63 Horses and A Cow”
Maddy Keener “Into the Sky”
Glenn Strachan “Stormy Aftermath on the Magothy River”
Raphael Warshaw “Goeteman Residency 101”

This is a hybrid exhibition. Please call Hill Center to schedule an appointment to view the gallery at (202)-549-4172. 

Work can be purchased online by clicking on the photo of the piece. Pieces will be available for pick-up at Hill Center or by arrangement with the artist on/after June 4, 2022. 


Virtual Gallery

Karen Van Allen – At 50

Martin de Alteriis – What Joins Us

Katherine Altom – Water Lilies

Marie-B Cilia De Amicis – Harar

Ken Bachman – Georgetown

Anne Barnes – Legs

Elizabeth M. Beach – Earth, The Bringer of Life

Becker, K. — Jan. 6-From What Remains, We…. (Hill Center)

Denise Bentley – Zebra Watch

Jeffrey Berg – Legacy

Ralph Blessing – Rainfall Rendevouz

Madison Bolls – Ceremony and ritual

Prudence Bonds – Purity

Alan Braley – Ribbons of Light

Kimberly Brammer – Mothering Abstraction

Anthony Bremer – View From The Hill

Kathriel Brister – Sharkboy Dreams

Judy Buelow – Lockdown 2020

Kimberley Bursic – Untitled # 1: On the Corner

Sally Canzoneri – DC Women Workers: 1942 & 2014

Beth Cartland – Purple Stairs Will Carry You Far

Adam Chamy – Sunriseset

Antoinette Charles-Aqui – This Old Mill

Marilyn Christiano – Reflecting Pool


Paula Cleggett – Book Club

Rhys Conlon – Stegosaurus

Michael Crossett – Tracks

Alex Curley, West Cosmos Trail, Acrylic on Canvas, 22×33 inches, 2021

Timothy DeVenney – Near-at-Hand #A1

Samuel Dixon – Red Wine Tasting II

Grace Dobrow – Mykonos

Sean Dudley – Peregrine 329


Elizabeth Eby – Perfect Storm

Karin Edgett – remembering john lewis

Diane English – Ripple Effect

HONORABLE MENTION: CinCin Fang – Huangshan (After Liu Haisu)

HONORABLE MENTION: Jill Finsen – Approximately 63 Horses and A Cow

Michael Fleischhacker – Mt Airy MD Clock and Flag 2

2ND PRIZE: Cheryl Foster – Golden Crows

Christopher B Fowler – Bibliotek II

Mary Beth Gaiarin – Curious Cows

Lorena Garcia – Arrival

Charlie Gaynor – Vessel

Nico Gozal – By Way of Water

Tom Greaves – M. Lisa

Cathy Grubman – Both Sides Now

Gail A. Hansberry – Twilight at NMAAHC

Autumn Chaos

Imani Jackson – We Have on this Earth What Makes Life Worth Living

Warren Jackson – The Time is Wright

Leonard Jewler – Morning after arrival

Barbara Johnson – Engraving Artist at Congressional Cemetery

Cynthia Farrell Johnson – It is Well With My Soul

Sharman Johnson – Monday Morning

Lily Kak – Sunrise on the Ganges River

Aleksandra Katargina – Persephone’s Plight

Sally Kauffman – Out of This World

HONORABLE MENTION: Maddy Keener – Into the Sky

Steve Kunin – Yellow Bird Store

JoAnn Lamicella Laboy – Pipe Dreams

Deborah CC LaCroix – Edible Forest

Pamela Harris Lawton – Jeanette

Anthony Le – Don’t Swim on an Empty Stomach

Wan Lee – Mississippi Creek

Kevin R Leonard – Starr Fruit

Barry Lindley – Klingle Trail, January Afternoon

American Vanitas1

Linda Lowery – Khai with Tears

Ruth Lozner – Madonna of the Summer

Nicole Maloof – 7 Ruth Clarke (1779-1808)

1ST PRIZE: Nipun Manda – Untitled

Jane Mann – Who Tells the Story?

Isabella Martire – Determined

Charlotte McAdams – Still life

Marla McLean – Roots Song

Marthe McGrath – Cabbages and Kings

Mike McSorley – Railroad Bridge

Steve Moen – River Gorge Time

Bantu Bombshell

All Things Considered

Barbara Novak – Shaman

Larry O’Reilly – PhotoArt: Yellow Gloves


John Pacheco – seascape

Terry Pellmar – River Rocks II

Ann Pickett – Mother Nature

Pauline Rakis – Looks Like Sunshine

Meera Rao – Hide and seek Turtles

Felicia L. Reed – Resolution

Preston Sampson – Homeboy Ralph

Maria Santiago – Jupiter background in black 5

LeAnne Sawyers – Beach Boulders

Wil Scott – Love All

Judy Searles – Global Warming

Stu Searles – Looking Left

Sameer Sharma – Running To Stand Still

Gail Shaw-Clemons – All Powerful

Ann Stoddard – She has a lot of anger, Speech and Hearing Series

HONORABLE MENTION: Glenn Strachan – Stormy Aftermath on the Magothy River

Jacquelynn V. Thompson – Indigenous

Ragnar Thoresen – Autumn in DC

Roderick Turner – SE Washington DC

Patricia Underwood – Birch Bark

John Verdi – Head Shot

Kelly Walker – Sonoma

Sevgi Wallack – New Orleans

Steve Wanna – Myths of Creation – CE191113.1035

Carol Ward – Zipper

HONORABLE MENTION: Raphael Warshaw – Goeteman Residency 101

Richard Paul Weiblinger – Buoys in Fog 1477

Pat Whittle – Through the Woods

Acquaetta Williams – In Plain Sight No 4

Nathaniel Williams – Heading East

Karen Zens – Lagoon

Christine Zmuda – Pawn Saves the Queen

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