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About Alec Dubro

Alec Dubro 50 years ago and today

I was born in Brooklyn during the last years of WW II. My original culture was the fifties: black and white television, rocketry, the Cold War and the vast expansion of the suburbs. But I grabbed on to the sixties before it was ever called that; I was a beatnik before there were hippies. And I wanted to become a writer. In 1968, I finished college and moved to San Francisco where I began writing for a new magazine called Rolling Stone. I took photography classes and had my own darkroom. For about five years, I shot and developed black and white photos and even sold some of them to magazines. Since then I’ve done feature writing and investigative reporting. For the past three decades I have written and edited for labor unions and nonprofits in Washington. I’ve lived with my wife Kim Fellner on Capitol Hill for 25 years.

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