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About Bulldog Pottery

We both grew up in small college towns, Bruce in Stillwater, Oklahoma and Samantha in Blacksburg, Virginia. Bruce graduated with a ceramics BFA from University of Georgia in Athens and his MFA in ceramics from Alfred University in Alfred, NY. Samantha earned her BFA in ceramics from Alfred University. College provided us with an incredible platform piled with a plethora of information and skills. Our education also provided us with the tools to continue to learn, and through research and experimentation to grow and gather knowledge for our future in ceramics.

Because of our love for quiet living in a rural setting we planted our artistic roots in the pottery community of Seagrove, North Carolina in 1997 with a vision of setting up our own full time clay studio. In 2000 we founded “Bulldog Pottery,” named for our two American Staffordshire Bull Terriers Moka and Babu. We sell our work from our Bulldog Pottery studio and welcome visitors throughout the year.


Artist Statement

Our Bulldog Pottery studio is a collaborative environment that provides us with support to express our independent voices; more than, we could achieve individually. Side by side in our studio we work as a team. We work together to research and experiment on an ever evolving array of ideas, techniques, clays, and glaze formulations. We make sophisticated decorative and functional pottery glazed with a variety of rich and unusual surfaces. Together we have formulated original and distinctive crystalline glazes. As we make our pots we think about the shape and which glaze the form will hold. Much like the decision to match a pasta shape with the right sauce. A shape with curves and textural details can hold and trap a glaze for a rich decorative effect. With clay we can allude to the natural world. We create fossilized animal effects, grow molybdenum and other crystals, and develop glazes that look like frosted glass, or falling snow.

Twitter: @bulldogpottery
Instagram: @bulldogpottery


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