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About Jason Hartsoe

My early ceramic education was pursued through avenues of apprenticeship and assisting master potters on the job. This includes work and studies at Winchcombe Pottery in England, with Dan Finnegan in Virginia, and with Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish in North Carolina. I am currently continuing my education as a resident artist at Penland School of Craft.

Artist Statement

Successful art has a firm foundation in the work that came before it. Working within a tradition is not necessarily a formula for maintaining, but can be a disciplined path in which to continue the consequential thread of craft and to make things new. Building on and blending the seemingly disparate ceramic traditions of our world and varying these themes into new translations and experimentations allows my work to progress. It is my hope that this referential work will remind us that these functional forms are necessary and that through interaction this work will have a humanizing effect; it will slow us down and remind us of the significance of the timeless daily rituals which make us human.

Instagram: @hartsoepottery


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