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About Sarah-Anne Winchester

Sarah-Anne began working with clay in while earning her BFA from Union University. Since graduating in 2016, she lived and worked in Baltimore, Maryland, Woodstock, NY, Natchez, Mississippi, and most recently was the 2020 Chili Bowl Intern for the Women’s Studio Workshop. During this time her work changed from a direct personal narrative to florals and repeating patterns inspired by the plants and imagery she encountered growing up. She is currently a post baccalaureate student at SUNY New Paltzs in New Paltz, NY.

Artist Statement

One of my favorite childhood memories is of wandering into a field of wildflowers and being engulfed in them as I laid down hidden from sight. I seek to recreate this sense of peace and calmness through the surface decoration of my vessels for daily use. Covering my pieces with simple, delicate carving that mince wall paper with the ordered chaos of plants wrapping around the surface. I hope that these vessels provide a quiet mediative place as they are used in everyday rituals. Overall, I want myself and the user to share the intimacy of emotions, while allowing them to attach their own stories to each piece.

Instagram: @sawpottery

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