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March 1 – April 29, 2018

In Layers, Jane Mann uses her imagination and the digital darkroom to examine the historical, cultural, and societal layers found in architecture. Sacred sites in particular were constructed one atop the other or sometimes one within the other. Similarly, belief systems frequently were built on or borrowed from their precursors. Rather than examining these designs separately, she has created photomontages that superimpose images of architectural details one atop the other just as cultures build on, enhance, or compete with each other. In so doing, she reflects on the flow of history as one era or one empire replaces its predecessor, coexists with its contemporaries, or subjugates them. The prints serve as a reminder that cultures, manmade constructions, and political regimes are never permanent. They are also a visual commentary on the conviction that mixing traditions, ideas, and beliefs can be stimulating, enlightening, and arresting.

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