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About Matthew Krousey

Matthew Krousey received his BFA in ceramics from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 2008. He served for 9 years in the military and is a veteran. Krousey’s ceramic vessels and sculptures have been exhibited locally and internationally, including an exhibition at Sanbao Ceramic Institute in Jingdezhen, China. He has received numerous awards including a 2018 Artist Initiative Grant, 2014 Jerome Project Grant and was a 2010 Folgelberg Fellowship artist. Growing up in a rural region of Minnesota, he has a deep connection with the land and its native flora and fauna.

Artist Statement

The preservation of a disappearing landscape through imagery on ceramics is the reason I create. Inspired conceptually by the regionalist painters of the early 20th century who sought to document the rural landscapes of America, I see myself as a modern Regionalist working with clay. I make pottery, murals, and sculpture decorated with the landscapes, flora, and fauna of various native habitats. My hope is that the daily use and viewing of the work will be a gentle reminder to the public of the vanishing natural world around us.


Krousey.Headshot - Matthew Krousey

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