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September 27, 2018 – January 6, 2019

The question of how one wins and why can be essential to understanding the reputation of a country or that of a single individual. The answers begin to reveal themselves not only in elections, sports, lotteries, children’s playground activities, relationships and the simple board game. Questions concerning morality, identity, patriotism, class, race and ethnicity can enter this inquiry. To win can be a beautiful outward expression of luck, and or skills attained through discipline and work. Yet when winning is achieved due to unfair or dishonest practices, it can undermine a person and or a nation. The will to win can be a powerful force that is neither positive or negative but steered by the intention and character of its owner. Using motifs from classic board games, as well as lotto tickets, playing cards, and game related quotes, the work became a meditation on the phrase ”playing to WIN”.

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