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In honor of Black history month in February and Women’s history month in March, artists at J.O. Wilson studied Alma Woodsey Thomas, a pioneering artist and educator. A DC public middle school teacher for 38 years, she was the first graduate of Howard University’s art department. She was also the first Black woman to have a solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the first Black woman to have work acquired by the White House. An abstract expressionist, she avoided political or social commentary, once saying “Through color, I have sought to concentrate on beauty and happiness, rather than on man’s inhumanity to man.”

Under the guidance of Karen Kelly and Elizabeth Wyrsch-Ba, the young artists focused on Thomas’s Color Field paintings, achieving a similar effect by using construction paper tesserae to create mosaics.  This introduced them to both the history of mosaics and an understanding of what is meant by “expressionist” art.

The Young Artists Gallery is a rotating exhibit on the ground floor of Hill Center. Swing by to see these projects in person!

Virtual Gallery
Alejandro - 5th

Alejandro – 5th

Anziyah - 5th

Anziyah – 5th

Ayesiga- kindergarten

Ayesiga- kindergarten

Bella - 5th

Bella – 5th

Blythe - kindergarten

Blythe – kindergarten

Brooklyn - 2nd

Brooklyn – 2nd

Chassidy - 5th

Chassidy – 5th

Cherry Blossoms- Brick and Blocks Pre K 3 class

Cherry Blossoms- Brick and Blocks Pre K 3 class

Christian - 5th

Christian – 5th

Declan - 2nd

Declan – 2nd

Demario - 2nd

Demario – 2nd

Eamon - 5th

Eamon – 5th

Esperanza - 2nd

Esperanza – 2nd

Ethan - 2nd

Ethan – 2nd

Gaby - 5th

Gaby – 5th

Grace - Kindergarten

Grace – Kindergarten

Greydi - 5th

Greydi – 5th

Jaylen - kindergarten

Jaylen – kindergarten

Jermaine - 5th

Jermaine – 5th

Jesiah - kindergarten

Jesiah – kindergarten

Jordyn - 2nd

Jordyn – 2nd

Journee - 2nd

Journee – 2nd

Jurnie - kindergarten

Jurnie – kindergarten

Justin - 2nd

Justin – 2nd

Kanay - 5th

Kanay – 5th

Kayden - kindergarten

Kayden – kindergarten

Kevin - 5th

Kevin – 5th

Khalil - 5th

Khalil – 5th

Kyle - 5th

Kyle – 5th

Landyn - 2nd

Landyn – 2nd

Laneshia - 5th

Laneshia – 5th

London - 2nd

London – 2nd

Luciana - 5th

Luciana – 5th

Marcus - 5th

Marcus – 5th

Mason - kindergarten

Mason – kindergarten

Omar - 5th

Omar – 5th

Roxie - 2nd

Roxie – 2nd

Safiyah - 2nd

Safiyah – 2nd

Savannah - 5th

Savannah – 5th

Sebastian - 2nd

Sebastian – 2nd

Solana - kindergarten

Solana – kindergarten

Xavier - 5th

Xavier – 5th

Xavion - 2nd

Xavion – 2nd

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