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In accordance with DC regulations, masks are required indoors at Hill Center.

Hill Center & COVID-19

UPDATED 8/10/20:

Hill Center is closed to drop-in public visits, but is open for limited camps, meetings and events in line with DC’s reopening plans. Hill Center programs continue to be virtual. See the complete lineup here. If you’d like to speak with our Events & Rental team, email and someone will get in touch with you.

UPDATED 6/21/20:

As DC enters Phase 2 and 3 of reopening, Hill Center will remain closed to the public. However, limited summer camps will be offered.

These following guidelines may change at any time, following changes to local and national health and safety guidance. Due to the unpredictable nature of the virus and continued research on the subject, these guidelines for Summer Camps during Summer 2020 may change as new information becomes available.

A note on ReOpen DC Phases:

The following guidelines relate to operations during Phase 2 and 3 of the ReOpen DC Initiative. If DC is sent back to Phase 1, summer camps will be closed. Phase 4 will result in a loosening of restrictions, but the specifics have not been determined.


1.              Camp rooms will be limited to 10 people, including the camp staff.

2.              All children above the age of 2 must wear a mask in the hallways and on Hill Center grounds. All camp staff members must wear a mask at all times.

3.              Camps will not be allowed to mingle with other camp groups.

4.              The assigned camp staff and the roster of campers should remain the same for the entire length of the camp, if possible.

5.         Half-day enrollments are strongly discouraged, given the coordination of pick up and drop off required. If half-day enrollments are permitted, we strongly suggest morning only.

6. Camps will be confined to the assigned room, with doors closed, except for scheduled departures for bathroom breaks and outdoor play.

Drop Off and Pick Up

 7.        Each camp partner will be assigned a designated area for drop off and pick up. Parents/caregivers will not be permitted to enter the building, so all sign in/out documentation should be available in your designated area. (More on that documentation is below under Symptom Monitoring and Coronavirus Cases). We will provide acrylic shields for these setups. Each camp will have an assigned time to enter the building and go directly to the room, as with exiting for pick up.

8. There are three sets of stairs in the building – one historic (center of the building) and two fire stairs (East and West). Stairwells will be assigned to each camp. For general use, the fire stairs are preferred.

9.              Before entering Hill Center campus, parents will be required to take children’s temperature each morning and report it to camp staff upon arrival. Any child with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be sent home.While making a visual inspection of the child, camp staff should stay 6 ft away. If the parent has not taken their child’s temperature, please have camp staff be prepared to do so.

a.              Ensure that camp staff use a clean pair of gloves for each child (if there is contact with the child). The thermometer should be thoroughly cleaned in between each check.

b.              When taking the child’s temperature, camp staff should stay behind the plastic barrier.

10.           When dropping children off, parents should stay 6 feet away from one another.


11.           Camp staff will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing their room during camp hours. Hill Center staff will be responsible for cleaning outside of the camp room during camp hours and in the room after hours. Guidance for cleaning and disinfecting can be found here.

12.           Hill Center highly recommends sanitizing surfaces and materials between uses. Please try to limit the number of shared materials, opting for each child to have their own. Soft, porous materials (cloth, rugs, cushions, etc.) are difficult to clean and should be limited. See here for more information on cleaning from the CDC.

Leaving the Camp Room

13.       Restroom usage: As always, campers must be escorted to the bathroom by camp staff. Each camp will be assigned a specific time frame for taking campers to the restroom, approximately 20 to 30 minutes. This will allow Hill Center staff to facilitate the bathroom cleaning between groups.  {We welcome input on your preferred schedule.}

14.        Outdoor play: Each camp will have a designated time to exit and reenter the building to facilitate outdoor play. Again, we welcome input.

Symptom Monitoring and Coronavirus Cases

15.           If a child appears sick, the child will be immediately sent home. The child should be kept separate from all other people and 6 feet away from camp staff. Coronavirus symptoms can be found here. Hill Center will have a designated quarantine room.

16.         Camp staff should not come into work if they are sick and must leave immediately if they become sick. Camp leadership should have a plan in place for covering for sick employees and consider implementing flexible and non-punitive sick leave. Coronavirus symptoms can be found here.

17. If camp staff shows symptoms in line with COVID-19, they must take a COVID-19 test as soon as possible. The staff member will not be allowed to return to work until the test returns negative. If the test is positive, the staff member must quarantine for 14 days.

18.            If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at Hill Center, the building will close for the rest of the week. No refunds will be provided.

19.        Camp staff/administrators will be required to provide Hill Center staff with the names of campers and parent/caregivers responsible for pickup and drop off, as well as cell phone numbers for each parent/caregiver.

20.           Camp staff must keep strict records of camper attendance. Camp staff should record when a child was dropped off and by whom, when they were picked up and by whom. Camp leadership should be prepared to share these records with Hill Center, if needed.

21.       Contact tracing: each staff member and camper’s parent/caregiver will be sent a Consent Form from Hill Center. This form will include: consent to contact tracing, requirements for reporting a confirmed case of COVID-19, a guarantee that s/he will not enter Hill Center campus if symptomatic. There will also be a release from liability required.

For more information or with questions, please email

Updated 4/20/20: We are temporarily closed and will post as soon as we know when we might reopen.

Little Pearl is open Tuesday-Sunday from 5-7:30 pm for carry out.


As a vibrant gathering place for our community, Hill Center prioritizes the safety and well-being of anyone who passes through our doors. We continue to monitor events related to the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 situation closely. On Wednesday, March 11, Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Department of Health recommended that all large cultural, social and entertainment venues postpone all nonessential events for the remainder of the month. In concert with that, Hill Center is suspending all programs and events beginning Sunday, March 15 through Tuesday, March 31. Hill Center will be closed to the public as we strive to flatten the curve of the virus outbreak.

If you have registered for a Hill Center event in March, the event will be postponed, and we will be in touch about a rescheduled date. All tickets will be credited.

For those who attend events at Hill Center offered by our program partners, please contact that organization directly with any questions you may have.

This decision is not one our staff and Board of Directors make lightly. We are a small arts and culture nonprofit organization that relies on revenues from ticket sales and space rentals to operate. But we strongly believe that suspending our activities through March 31 is the right decision to make in everyone’s best interest. Our staff will continue to work diligently behind the scenes to monitor the situation, work with program partners and clients to plan for the future, and adjust our COVID-19 response strategy as needed to guarantee the well being of our patrons, partners, staff, and community.

Updated: 3/21: Little Pearl now offers takeout and no-contact delivery. They are open every day except Monday from 11 am-3 pm and 4-8 pm. They now offer beer, wine and cocktails to go as well. Call (202) 618-1868 or email to place an order for takeout or visit Caviar to place an order for delivery.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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