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At MathTree we love math, we love kids, and we love teaching kids math. From our adult perspective, we are aware of the continuum of math skills. When we teach a young child what a fraction means, we know that one day our explanation may help that child understand trigonometry. At the heart of MathTree is the belief that all children can learn math and the realization that each child learns differently. With this belief at our core, the Lesh Translation model, which connects modes of learning, was used in the development of our proprietary curriculum.

It’s hard to believe that just two weeks of math in the summer can make a difference in a child’s success, but it does. Research shows that students who don’t do math over the summer lose as much as 2 months of skills. Two weeks at MathTree can fill in the gaps and add new math skills to a child’s repertoire. And, we make math fun, so your child will want more.

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