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Veteran- Army 1998-2009

About the Art: As a meditation to Anchor Divine Feminine, the 7 Guardians hold the line between heaven and hell. One can find the legends and stories of the 7 Guardian Goddesses in every ancient civilization on Earth. They are the 7 stars of the Pleiades, the 7 rays of the rainbow, the 7 chakras of the human body. For the Laika, the indigenous pre-Inca – the 7 stars of the Pleiades are where humans originate as pure light “”from the sun that neither rises nor sets””. We come in one ray and split into 7 rays into the experience of Gaia, the Earth, Pachamama. They say that the energies of good and bad belong to the planet, not us. Hence they teach that nothing here belongs to us but everything is here for us. We can battle the energies and make more suffering, or we can dance through the energies and make joy. The Laika state they have kept the ancient knowledge for this time of our great evolution from Homo sapien to Homo luminous. We are not separate – and in this holographic universe, we are one.

Legends from all over our planet, all state that in the history of humanity we have had several epochs. First, there was the matriarchy, then the patriarchy, then the chaotic node we find ourselves in now – the balancing and integration of the 2 energies. When this phase is properly embodied, then the time of the Heterarchy is at hand. The Heterarchy is symbolized by the perfect balance of the symbols of male and female energy – the six-pointed star. The 3D version is called the Merkabah and is associated as a technology of transmutation from Homo Sapien to Homo Luminous.

The layout of the capital city of Washington DC was informed by the knowledge given by the Native Americans to the European and African designers – Thomas Jefferson, Count L’Enfant, Benjamin Banneker – to design and build along the energetic ley lines of a land that lives and breathes and communicates. As Black Elk said, I am my nation. Nothing is separate.

The Capitol building sits on an ancient mound and 3 sacred springs of water. The Washington Monument is a tuning device, intended to focus on the evolution of Homo Sapien to Homo Luminous. In line with the spirits of our ancestors and the men and women who served and sacrificed in the sacred ground and hills of Arlington Cemetery.

About the Artist: “In the holographic universe there is no separation and we are all interconnected in a universe of ever-expanding experience of growth and learning. As an artist, a warrior, mother, wife, sister, daughter, citizen, survivor, human being, I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Uniting US and to help serve the miracle of existence through the transmutation of heavy difficult processes into works of art that heal and inspire to create new processes of love, healing, power, and joy.” Nora Maccoby

Artist’s Experience: Art provides me a medium with which I strive to create a new self-narrative using my invisible wounds as a positive source of inspiration. A major component of my process lies in attempting to translate my confusion and sorrow into some sort of tangible media using whatever is at hand—be it paint, plaster, clay, steel, wood, metal, embroidery, vintage paper products or a mixture of all these and more. By physically displaying my story this way, it gives me separation to analyze my hurt instead of continuing to internalize it. Giving me the opportunity to show my work expands this conversation to others who, like me, can create a community network of support and empowerment.

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