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Veteran – Army 1983-1986

About the Art: This plate uses a horse hair technique developed by Pueblo potters and seeks to emulate the idea of being in space. Sue’s process is a labor of love and her patience is rewarded with the stunningly beautiful Cosmos plates in this series.

About the Artist: Sue’s family has served in the military since the Revolution. She is the daughter of an Air Force cryptologist, the sister of a Navy seaman, the aunt of two Army soldiers, and a former soldier herself. The military helped Sue learn about different cultures — people from other parts of this vast country. She remarks about appreciating the similarities shared rather than the differences that tear people apart. Sue incorporates her military experiences into both her life and art.

Artist’s Experience: Pottery is an art that unites all time periods and cultures. Traveling around the world and visiting museums, I’ve learned that techniques developed hundreds of years ago in one part of the world are similar to those created a hemisphere away around the same time. Archaeologists use pottery to learn more about ancient civilizations. It’s an art that brings together my love of history and my desire to feel connected to people around the world, past and present.

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