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About Bruce McNeil

“Some people may look at the Anacostia River and see only dirty water. My photography captures the brilliance of the light–its reflection and interaction on the surface, in the trees, in the skies and wildlife. With skilled and subtle embellishment, I create iconic painterly photography that is my unique, signature.”

An award-winning fine arts photographer (2016 East of the River Distinguished Artist Award), exploring environmental themes, his work has received critical acclaim in various parts of the world, including the United States and Canada. His mission has been to produce a fine arts archives of original photography that enlightens the public while encouraging policymakers to establish and maintain conservation programs. His images have stimulated a renaissance that provokes dialogue and real engagement.

After seventeen solo exhibitions, including Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum, Sandy Spring Museum, Honfluer Gallery, McCord Museum and a permanent installation at the George Washington House, the headquarters of Anacostia Watershed Society, he still begin each day anew.

He worked as a photographer and dark room technician from 1972 through 1979 in the William Notman Photographic Archives, where he made prints from glass negatives from the 1800s at the McCord Museum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. During his employment, he became a member of the pre-production team that toured future sites and locations.

Hill Rag, Washington Post, Washington Examiner, Washington Informer, Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum and Sandy Spring Museum have acknowledged his work while dubbing him either the “DC River Man,” “Washington’s River Man,” or the “River Man.”  That media attention and artistic recognition provided him the platform in 2011 to co-establish, with arts entrepreneur, visual and performing artist, Misty Brown, The Anacostia River School of Photography.



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