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Design in Third Person | October 17, 2014

It’s fitting that the latest exhibit at the Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital showcases an artist who used latex paints pulled from the remains of last year’s fire at Frager’s Hardware Store. The exhibit opened on Thursday, October 2, 2014 and runs through Sunday, January 4, 2015. Hill Center Galleries located at 921 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E. in Washington, DC, is just two blocks away from Frager’s original location at 1115 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E.

The Hill Rag | October 06, 2014

In what has grown into an annual fall tradition, Hill Center will host the third annual Pottery on the Hill October 31 through November 2 with a “Pottery Jam” at District Clay on October 30.

This year, sixteen nationally recognized ceramic artists will display and sell a wide array of work to the public. Participating potters are: Bob Briscoe, Kevin Crowe, Naomi Dalglish, Dan Finnegan, Warren Frederick, Ryan Greenheck, Michael Hunt, Michael Kline, Jenny Mendes, Matthew Metz, Donna Polseno, Ken Sedberry, Mark Shapiro, Stacy Snyder, Sam Taylor and Julie Wiggins.

The Washington Post | October 03, 2014

Move over, Schroeder. Margaret Leng Tan, the formidable, pathbreaking virtuoso of the modern piano, is coming to town for an evening of cutting-edge 21st-century music. But instead of the usual Steinway, Tan will be packing two miniature toy pianos — as well as plastic hammers, toy whistles, rattles, spinning tops, hand-cranked music boxes, miniature cymbals and even an old Melitta coffee can or two — for an all-toy program that, she says, will turn the dry and often forbidding world of modern music on its ear.

Beliefnet | October 02, 2014

I am so excited about this! Steve Taravella, author of the wonderful Mary Wickes: I Know I’ve Seen That Face Before, and I will host an tribute to Wickes at DC’s Hill Center on November 16, 2014. And we will present an exclusive showing of the very first production of “Mary Poppins,” with Wickes in the title role. It was a “Studio One” broadcast in 1949 and co-stars E.G. Marshall as Mr. Banks and “Lassie’s” Tommy Rettig as Michael.