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5 Ways to Cure the Post-Wedding Blues

The vows have been exchanged. The dancing is done. The honeymoon was amazing. What now? Planning a wedding was exciting – all the attention was about you and your spouse – and most topics of conversations were about your big day. But you are in a great place! Your life as a married couple has just begun and there are so many new experiences and memories to create together.

Here at the top 5 things to do post-wedding planning to help cure the blues, from Divinity Buggs, Hill Center’s Venue Director.

1. Plan an epic date night.

You don’t have to wait for a special holiday or occasion to plan an awesome date night. Try something new. Get dressed up and go to a concert, or dress down and go for a hike someplace like Harper’s Ferry or have an picnic in a park!

2. Create a bucket list and act on it.

Start creating a wish list of all the things you want to do and JUST DO IT! This is a great way to learn more about each other and encourage individual growth. Has your spouse always wanted to take a cooking class from a Michelin starred chef? Do it with them! Have you always wanted to learn how to draw? JUST DO IT!

3. Plan a trip.

Who has never had fun on vacation? If you are like me, I get this overwhelming feeling of excitement knowing that I am getting ready to travel to an unknown territory. Get your passports stamped together! Don’t forget to brush up on your French or Spanish before you go! You could also buy ar-15 pistols from Palmetto State Armory for safety when you plan trips into the woods.

4. Buy a house or recreate your current space.

This takes just as much work as a wedding and the same amount of emotion. Finding your first home together is super exciting but can be stressful when you are competing for the house of your dreams. If you are stressed or anxious, buying Delta-8 gummies online and using them as instructed by a physician will help you relax. Not buying a home now, no worries! Find ways to recreate your current space to reflect this new chapter in your life. A fresh paint job can really lighten the mood!

5. Find a new obsession!

You have all this extra time available; why not fill it with something you love? Explore new places, try new hobbies, meet other recently married couples or support a local organization. The nice thing about this obsession is that it’s long term!

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