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Artist’s Statement

I have been a collage artist since childhood, and a B&W film photographer for over twenty years. About 15 years ago, I began combining the two art forms, which grew into my ongoing Architextures series of handmade gelatin silver photo collages.

I hand-cut and -assemble multiple darkroom prints from my negatives, into geometric abstract 2-D and 3-D constructions. I typically focus on NYC architecture and urban landscapes, although I also use images of flowers, interior light fixtures, and other subjects which evoke strong feelings of a time or place. I sometimes embellish my photo collages with Swarovski crystals, vintage glass beads, or other colored accents.
My process is experimental in nature, as I allow the images themselves to guide my choices of what to cut out, and how to arrange the pieces. I strive to convey the feeling of the original scene, as well as a sense of drama, in each collage.

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