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About Edith Disler

Retired Veteran – Air Force 1984-2009

After 25 years in the Air Force, followed by eight years of struggling to gain some footing in the civilian world, I decided to occupy the rest of my productive years with metal art.  This journey began in 2017 and came from some deeply recessed curiosity about the medium.  Metal holds unlimited potential in shape, scale, and expression; it may be tiny or large, displayed indoors or out, and it may be representative or impressionistic.  As a veteran and an artist, I find that there is discovery in the design, therapy in the doing, and satisfaction in the completion.

Given my long career in the Air Force, military themes find their way into my work — usually inconspicuously, but sometimes overtly.  You will often (usually) find glass spheres — commonly known as fishing floats, because of their function in floating fish nets — in my work.  These, to me, represent humanity — shaped through heat and trial, serving a purpose, then potentially falling to the bottom of the ocean, once again becoming sand, full cycle.  You may also find repeated shapes which are hand cut, so, though they look alike, no two are exactly the same; reminiscent of basic and military training, which produces people who may look alike, but are distinctly individual.

Artist Statement

Foremost, when I concentrate on what I am making, I am able to calm my distracted mind by focusing on creating. If I am lucky, the act of creation will bring new discovery about the work, myself, or even something more abstract.

By the time a sculpture, in particular, is finished, it has done for me what it needed to do — the therapy and the personal discovery are in the act of creating. Being able to share the finished work is also fulfilling and will, with any luck, bring insight and discovery to its viewers, as well.


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