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October 5 – December 30, 2017

I look at the things happening in the world today, and what history has taught us about our broken world and I can’t stop being drawn into the unreason of it all. What I try to express in my art is that we all have the same hopes and dreams as anyone, anywhere at anytime in the present or throughout history. I depict how, despite our rifts, we might experience healing in a broken world, and how that undertaking is universally human.

I’m looking for the binding power-opposite of mob mentality-our mutual connections. Although we can all be overwhelmed and feel helpless, the human spirit always possesses hope, even in the most desperate of circumstances. I would be happy if I can show a glimmer of our broken yet beautiful human experience. I use an individual model to represent a life’s broken path and paint with oils and imbedded gessoed plaster shards.

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