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About Mathew Meunier

Originally trained as a carpenter, Mathew comes from a long line of skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. Seeking an alternate route, he left home to pursue formal schooling and to explore the insides of cubicles. A chance encounter with a handmade pot in a friend’s kitchen led him to the pottery studio and back to the familiarity and satisfaction of working with his hands. Mathew is currently an artist-in-residence at the Kansas City Clay Guild.

Artist Statement

Again and again I heard, “Just quit your job.” So I did.

What started as a joke quickly took on a more serious tone, and what started as a passion quickly morphed into a lifestyle. Since relocating to Vermont and finding clay, full-time corporate accounting work has been replaced by part-time bookkeeping and a wood-firing apprenticeship; numbers and spreadsheets have increasingly been offset by studio time and late night kiln firings.

Clay offers an infinite variability unknown in the accounting world, but the give-and-take between the two worlds is just as immeasurable. At the end of the day, it’s this give-and-take that drives the pursuit of a life balanced between occupation and preoccupation.

Instagram: @mathewmeunier

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