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A Vibrant Home for Culture, Education, and City Life on Capitol Hill

May 2 – June 23, 2019

In these paintings, I’m using loose brush strokes, contrasting colors and varied compositions to shine a light on familiar themes—family, friends, food and frivolity. With light playing a leading role, my paintings feature morning light gracing cattle and cowhand, midday sun embracing church picnic patrons and evening shade serenading a retiring couple. Filtered light falls on a family around the table as well as a duo tackling a cookbook recipe. Smoky spotlights bounce off dancers and music-makers.

With two paintings, I shine a fun light on frivolity, showcasing friends with fascinators (decorative headgear) and western whimsey (from boots to boleros).

It is my intent to connect with viewers through our shared, life affirming experiences. I hope my joy of painting these works resonates with the joy in you.

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