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About Stacy Snyder

Stacy Snyder grew up in the mountains of southwest Virginia in a landscape that helped shape her aesthetic vision.

She received a BFA in Ceramics and Photography from Indiana University in 1994 then spent a year as a special student at the Kansas City Art Institute. In 1998 she received an MFA from The Pennsylvania State University. After graduate school she spent a summer working at the Fundacio Josep Llorens Artigas in Spain and then did a six-month residency at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center before returning to Virginia where she taught, set up a studio and joined 16 Hands.

She currently lives in Arlington, Virginia with her family. She is a full-time mother to two children, a studio potter, and is active in local and Virginia state politics.


Artist Statement

I am inspired by the landscapes and structures that have surrounded me during my life. I grew up in the mountains of southwest Virginia and have lived in the middle of a city. The silos, corncribs, wooden barns and rural structures that time has weathered and pulled influence my forms, spaces and the relationships of the pots to one another. I work to create a layered effect with the surfaces, hoping to find a depth with the layers of glazes, decal images and color.

I would like to make pots to enter into a person’s life and to heighten an awareness of time and elevate an experience of place. I wish for my pots to be a part of a home in an intimate way. Pots can participate in and affect their environment, transforming the act of buttering toast into a ritual or remembered experience. It is my hope that each pot brings its own unique experience to the user and offers a moment of reflection and joy.


Instagram: @stacyasnyder
Twitter: @snyderceramics

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