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About Suze Lindsay

Suze Lindsay is a studio potter living and working in the NC mountains. Her ceramic studies include a two-year fellowship from Penland School of Crafts as a “core student,” followed by earning an MFA from Louisiana State University. She also holds two educational degrees, one in special education and the other in Montessori teaching theory. After completing three years as an artist in residence at Penland from 1993-1996, Suze and her husband, Kent McLaughlin set up and began potting in their studio in Bakersville, NC under the name Fork Mountain Pottery.

Artist Statement

I focus on creating and interpreting altered pottery forms that function well. Working with stoneware clay, I subtly suggest figure and character by manipulating forms after they are thrown. I also roll out clay slabs and use them to hand build elements that are then assembled with thrown parts to create pieces that have a personality of their own. An integral part of my work includes surface decoration to enhance pottery form by patterning and painting slips and glazes for salt firing. I make things to entice the user to take pleasure in everyday activities, inviting participation, promoting hospitality. These personal rituals create a place for pots whether it is for your morning cup of coffee, for a celebratory dinner party, or for freshly picked flowers.

Instagram: @suzepots57


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