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Fourth grade students at Tyler Elementary (1001 G St. SE) read the book “How Much is a Million” by David M. Schwartz which offers relatable examples of just how much one million really looks like such as “If one million kids climbed onto one another’s shoulders, they would be taller than the tallest buildings, higher than the highest mountains, and farther up than planes can fly.”  After visualizing what a million could look like, students considered what items at Tyler might number in the millions.  With responses like ‘bacteria’, ‘thoughts’, and ‘strands of hair’, their grasp of the concept is clearly spot-on.

Their art teacher, Amanda Swift then turned to the use of repetition in art, sharing works such as Rene Magritte’s “Golconda” – also known as “Raining Men” – which includes images of nearly identical men in bowler hats streaming from the sky – and Andy Warhol’s prints of Marilyn Monroe. Print-making is a particularly effective way of creating multiple repetitions of an image. The plate or stamp can be used to make individual copies of the same image.  Or the technique can be used within a single image to create a repeating pattern. Students pursued the latter, creating stamps to be inked and pressed onto colored construction paper.

Referring back to which items at Tyler were at least a million in number, they each drew their ideas on sticker foam, cut out the shapes, and stuck them onto cardstock to make their personal stamps.  The results are both witty and beautiful. And the project was clearly meaningful to the students.

Demi, who appreciates her classmates’ many talents, “liked to think about what there is a million of at Tyler” and decided on “stars”. Liam, whose work is a subtle presentation of green on green, observed that he particularly enjoyed “using the brayers and painting the colors on the leaves.”  And Royale’s favorite part was “drawing the heartbeats and retracing them on the prints.”

Ms. Swift invites you to “Come out to see what there are a million of at Tyler- according to our fourth grade class. There are a million reasons to see the repetition in art that the students’ created using hand crafted stamps!  You just may be inspired in a million ways! “

 “One Million… What?” will be on view in the Young Artists Gallery on the ground floor at Hill Center (921 Pennsylvania Ave, SE) through the end of September.

The Young Artists Gallery is a rotating exhibit on the ground floor of Hill Center. Swing by to see these projects in person!

Virtual Gallery

Aariyah HeartBeats

Angelo Bones

Anthony Pieces Of Paper

Austin Shapes

Beauty Pencils

Blake Drops Of Water

Carter Markers

Cayden Books

Charli Letters

Charlie Thoughts

Curtis Pencils

Danielle Bricks

Dany Numbers

Dean Bacteria

Demi Stars

Destinee Fingerprints

Drew Numbers

Elijah Specks Of Dirt

Emory Thoughts

Etta Blades Of Grass

Evy Strands Of Hair

Gavin Bones

Hakeem Pieces Of Paper

Hannah Pencils

Hayden Dirt Particles

Heaven Minerals

Helena Crayons

Ian Heart Beats

Ian-R Names

Jace Pencils

Joel Rocks

Jordan-A Circles

Jordan-I Shapes

Kailey Erasers

KayDen Brain Cells

Kingston Pizza Slices

Kyhan Shapes

Kyng Blades Of Grass

Laila Bugs

Leo Dollars Spent

Liam Leaves

London Pieces Of Paper

Louisa Scissors

Nala Letters

Pearl Smiles

Roselyn Water Droplets

Royale Heart Beats

Tyler Saige Tacks

Tyler ZeShawn Shapes

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