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Get to know French teacher Liliane Weinrob

Get to know French teacher Liliane Weinrob

Hill Center’s new adult language classes begin this week – and at the beginning of most months – so we asked Liliane Weinrob, our native French speaking teacher, three quick questions so you can get to know her.

What is your favorite place to visit in France?

My favorite city is my hometown Toulouse. I left it when I was 20 to study and work in Paris and the US. But I love to go to La Martinique in the Caribbean too – not to far and close to home in DC.

What is your favorite French restaurant in DC?

My favorite French restaurant is the restaurant [Bistro] d’Oc which celebrate my region of Toulouse (Langue d’Oc), and the specialties are spectacular.  I know it was under renovation on 10th NW, DC. (Editors note: it appears to be permanently closed. Sad face.)

Of course, you have Le Diplomate which is expensive, but close to the French quality of Paris.

What is the most confusing English lesson for non-native speakers?

The most confusing lessons to a non-native English speaker are the prepositions (going out, left out, etc.) and certain idioms. With time and if you live in the country, you start to figure it out, but it is always a work in progress.




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