Fall Solo Exhibits 2023

Hill Center Galleries is pleased to announce that 11 local artists have had their work chosen for the 2023 Fall Solo Exhibitions: Suzi Balamaci, Alan Braley, Barbara Brennan, Paula Cleggett, Jeffrey Felten-Green, Scot McKenzie, Isabella Merlos, Terence Nicholson, Rindy OBrien, Felicia Reed, & Nazanin Sadri.

The entire gallery will be both online and in-person as of September 11th. All art will be available for purchase. The exhibition runs September 11, 2023 – January 7, 2024.

Alan Braley

Time disappears as color moves you in and among spaces that play with your fantasies. It could be a dream or the uncertain memory of a childhood adventure. New ideas have come and flourished over the years each growing into a new series.

Scot McKenzie

I am drawn towards depicting physical forms directly in metal, inspired by meditation and my experiences in nature and remote wilderness. I have a fascination with surrealist expression and the pursuit of what may lie just beyond what can easily be seen.

Barbara Brennan

Whenever I go to antique stores or thrift shops, I head straight for the boxes of old postcards. As a professional designer I couldn’t resist the temptation to create my own “vintage” postcards from these paintings, available for sale in the museum shop.

Paula Cleggett

My creative expressions start with stories worth telling on canvas. My most compelling narratives convey strong composition and design with a supporting cast of relatable characters, confident color palettes and believable brush strokes.

Isabella Merlos

My creative process is a battle between the therapeutic and the intricate. Within my work, I craft somber narratives and blend conceptual tales. Central to my art is the pursuit of fostering understanding, inviting viewers to embrace empathy.

Suzi Balamaci

There is so much about the world that excites me and draws me in. Yet, there are things I wanted to be a part of but never was: partly by design, partly because of who I am. These are the moments I explore on my canvas.

Jeffrey Felten-Green

The paintings and crafts I create appeal to my own sensibility of what art is. If I were forced to create a particular item or to create art in a particular mood, I am afraid the magic would be lost for me. Many of my ideas are satirical, playful, and at times, serious. They are snapshots of everyday life or life I conceive of in my imagination. My collections of African-inspired paintings, icons, political paintings, folk pieces, and parodies reflect my influences, muses, and the things that are important to me.

Terence Nicholson

Unbound from any one medium in his art making, he is particularly sensitive to the quality of rawness in his materials. He is a follower of Taoist thought, which values a state of “emptiness” as key in a true creative process.

Felicia Reed

I create wet felted “Healing Wraps” using a traditional by-hand agitation technique with silk, wool, tree resins, essential oils, prayers, affirmations, and positive energy. The Healing Wraps are displayable or wearable art designed to support the energy field.

Rindy OBrien

How many times have you walked by a house and peeked into the window, or wished the door would fly open to welcome you in…The deep richness of the textures and colors of the collection invite you to open door or window and step in.

Nazanin Sadri

Discrimination against women is a global phenomenon, especially in the third world. Not necessarily economic inequality, wage inequality, or political underrepresentation, women are forced to wear certain clothes or cover their bodies according to religious or traditional rules. Part of my works have this message for public awareness.

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