Kasse Photo for Exhibit
Gee's Bend Influences
Cosmic Storm 1
Yo-Yo Quilt on Corrugated Metal
Twilight Zone
Entrevaux France
Rhinoceros Beetle with scar marks
PRICKLY PEAR 3 , Kitty Kaupp, Oil_Marble Dust on Canvas, 12_ x 12_, $300 - Kitty Kaupp
TALAVERA FLORA, Kitty Kaupp, Oil_Marble Dust on Canvas, 36_ x 60_, 3500 - Kitty Kaupp
_Keter Betts_, Gediyon Kifle, 16x20, $850 - Ged Kif
SK18 RhythmI I - 1
18 Kifle The Other Movement II - 1
Fierce Sonia 1
Fierce Sonia 6
Yum!-Linda Norton-watercolor-12h x 9w-200. - Linda Norton
Giverny House,France-Linda Norton-soft pastel-22hx 18w-400. - Linda Norton
Woosh Checa Oil 20_x16_ 600$ - Maria-Victoria
Comment Te Dire Adieu Checa Acrylic 30_x40_ 1,000$ - Maria-Victoria
Extra - Kuhn - Pencil - 19x22 - 1,000 - Guy Kuhn
Around - Kuhn - Pencil - 18x18 - 600 - Guy Kuhn
Kasse Andrews-Weller 5
tim eggers
tim eggers
rance rupp
Young Artists from Nairobi
Young Artists from Nairobi
holly ahrens 4
holly ahrens 3
SeaMill.Nico Gozal. Painting on Silk, 20x20. $220 - Nico Gozal
warren jackson 2
warren jackson 1
beheld, John Pacheco, oil on linen, 30x40, $1200 - j_pacheco@mwcc.mass.edu
evidence, John Pacheco, oil on canvas, 24x30, $900 - j_pacheco@mwcc.mass.edu
On The Rocks - Alan Braley 12x12 mixed media
lanterns, Khanh Nguyen, oil and acrylic, 30 x 40, 5000 - Kay Nguyen
donuts, Khanh Nguyen, oil, 24 x 18, 5000 - Kay Nguyen
_Grace Reflections_ Tara Hamilton Watercolor 8_x10_ $300 - Tara Hamilton
_Writer's Window_ Tara Hamilton Watercolor 11_x14_ $200 - Tara Hamilton
Lover's Road to Lalibela - Dilip Sheth
Blooming in Pink-Wanjin Kim-48Wx48H-$2400 (2) - Wanjin Kim
Blooming in Yellow-Wanjin Kim-50H50W-$2000 (1) - Wanjin Kim
Gray - Lock 33 at Harpers Ferry - relief engraving - $150 - M Alexander Gray
Gray - Aqueduct at Warren, Albemarle County, Virginia - woodcut - $350 - M Alexander Gray
Grassland Still Life-CinCin Fang-Oil-20inx24in-$700 - Hui Fang
Tipped Bowl-CinCin Fang-Acrylic-6inx8in-$60 - Hui Fang
plates by studio touya
Fascinators, Paula Cleggett, Oil, 36_x48_, $600.00 - Paula Cleggett
print_annona - Andrea Ottesen
print_blubrug - Andrea Ottesen
IntoMyMindSM2 - TheArtWit JMArt
TwinSunsSM2 - TheArtWit JMArt
NatureMother.YemonjaSmalls.MixedMedia.36x36.3500 - Dr. Yemonja Smalls
98Degrees.YemonjaSmalls.MixedMedia.36x36.2300 (1) - Dr. Yemonja Smalls
Desiree Sterbini 1
Natalie 2018-Elizabeth Dranitzke-photo-20inx30in-$550 - PHOTOPIA portraits by elizabeth dranitzke
Jenn 2019-Elizabeth Dranitzke-photo-20inx30in-$550 - PHOTOPIA portraits by elizabeth dranitzke
Silver Teapot 2 - Mike McSorley
Another Red Teapot - Mike McSorley
Lisa Orr
Richard Hensley
Richard Hensley
Starbull - Matt Sesow
Under The Baobab Tree - Yemonja Smalls
The Sky is the Limit - Dilip Sheth
Desiree Sterbini 5
Sunset, Paula Cleggett, Oil, 36_x24_, $375 - Paula Cleggett
Starbull - Matt Sesow
Hope Springs Eternal - dana ellyn
In The Woods by Alan Braley-12x12 mixed media
3rope browncups - Mark Shapiro

October 6, 2016 – January 1, 2017

Larry O’Reilly took up photography in a more serious way after leaving the Smithsonian in 2007, where he had served as Assistant Director of the National Museum of Natural History, in charge of Exhibits and Public Spaces.

He began by studying the technical aspects of the camera, and photographed thousands of images during travel, but that work eventually proved frustrating, and he came to realize that he was seeking his “own voice”, as most artists eventually work to do.

Experimenting with “painting” with light in a studio setting, he did studies numbering in the hundreds, working in the dark and in many other constructs. Being pleased (generally) with the results, he expanded his subject matter to include natural objects, and other items that he found he could look at (and photograph) in what seemed an infinite number of ways.

More recently, he has done some “street photography” of people caught unaware, doing what they naturally do.

His experimentation continues.

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